A diagram showing a cell nucleus, a chromosome with the tips highlighted in red to show the telomere

Telomeres – Longevity & Life Extension

What is the scientifically sound research on slowing down the aging process? People have been searching for an answer since long before Ponce de León’s search for the mythical fountain of youth. As a pharmacologist who has studied many of these geriatric protocols advocating the use of vitamins, minerals, hormones, drugs and other compounds, there are quite a few recommendations that do slow down the aging process and are scientifically sound.

Obviously, the primary strategy for increasing life expectancy involves reducing causes of premature death such as obesity, smoking, and alcohol abuse. Now the experts on aging are pointing us in the direction of the telomere-shortening theory. Telomeres are the genetic clocks ticking away within each cell that determines when old age sets in. Telomeres are the end-cap segments of DNA (our genetic material). With each cellular replication, the telomere is shortened just a bit. New evidence supports the notion that telomeres are, in fact, the clocks of aging.

Each time a cell replicates, a small piece of DNA is taken off the end of each chromosome. Every time a body cell replicates, the telomere gets shorter. The shorter the telomere, the more it affects gene expression and the result is cellular aging. Telomeres also protect the ends of the chromosomes from damage. When telomere replication is irregular, the risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other degenerative diseases rises rapidly. Accelerated aging is associated with poor telomere sustainability.

The good news is that as you reduce stress + stop smoking + eat the right foods + get some sensible exercise + reduce inflammation the body begins to recover and rejuvenate. The better- than-good news is that Lonicera Longevity was built with the latest of telomere research in mind; and glutathione enhancement is one of the best ways to preserve our telomeres!

Protecting your DNA encourages healthy aging and to promote healthy aging everyone can use the cutting-edge nutrition provided by Longevity! Dr. Charles A. Rouse, Jr.

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