Dark blue berries of the maqui on the green leaved plant

Patagonia Maqui

From the far southern region of South America in Chile comes the nutrient-rich purple berry called Maqui. This one berry is famous for promoting healthy tear production in the eye. From the tear support research, scientists have found out there’s a whole lot more to Maqui than just keeping the eye moist.

The active ingredients in Maqui fruit are delphinidins. Ocular eye support is a major benefit. Everybody wants to protect the eyes from cataracts, macular degeneration and neuropathy. It is this cataract shield nutrient that reduces cataract risk. Scientists are even testing Maqui for its ability to relieve pressure in the eye. It does improve the blood flow circulating through the eye through the tiny blood vessels. The gift of sight is precious and one that we often take for granted until we notice something is wrong.

Maqui is the nutrient of choice for those who are always glued to the computer screen. Not only do you need protection from the blue light emissions, but eye strain and fatigue are leading a lot of people into the progression of nearsightedness. Maqui is a vision powerhouse and Lonicera Longevity and Lonicera Lift are chock full of this powerful little berry.

Think of maqui berry as a student’s best friend. Every student is a better student when they have a greater mental alertness and a more focused attention span no matter what their age. There’s nothing like improving one’s learning abilities and you are never too old to learn something new! Lonicera brand products from Modexus give every student the extra edge needed for today’s classrooms.

I’m very excited to see how the Maqui antioxidant nutrient profile is going to fit into an increasingly important role in preventive medicine, especially for patients after a heart attack or stroke. After all, oxidative stress needs a super antioxidant to put out the fire! Maqui is an amazing supporting cast member in all the Lonicera brand products… two superfruits in each product, unheard of in the nutritional industry.

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