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How does Longevity benefit your sleep?

By supporting healthy sleep-wake cycles, Lonicera Longevity can promote healthy, whole-body circadian rhythms. The internal clock that regulates the optimal sleep-wake cycles in the brain is in constant communication with many peripheral circadian clocks in various organs that govern your heart rate + temperature + hormone release + blood pressure + liver + kidney + pancreatic function and much more. Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made!

However, aging or hectic lifestyles can take a toll on these circadian clocks. Longevity has a plethora of nano-sized minerals capable of resetting each clock and keeping each one ticking on time. Though the processes are complicated, Longevity is unique in its formulation. This world class product works internally with all your organs and helps restore the natural rhythms. When the alpha rhythms of the brain can hand off to the delta rhythms, the REM (rapid-eye- movement) dream sleep occurs and the body gets fully rested.

The plant flavonoids in Longevity have neuroprotective and antioxidant properties as well as the ability to reduce inflammatory responses. Lonicera Longevity is a true anti-aging phenomenon and I suspect that with consistent and continued use by millions of different people from all walks of life over the next few years, we at the Modexus family are going to see some major health breakthroughs in metabolic, cognitive, liver, kidney, blood pressure, cholesterol and neurotransmitter qualities. Longevity targets both the central clock and the peripheral circadian cycles. We’re all going be singing like the birds!

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