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Bio-Enhanced Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid


The stability and solubility and bioavailability has been enhanced and is unsurpassed in this lipoic acid antioxidant. The added sodium salt (Na) to the formula creates a stability and potency like no other because it is completely water-soluble (Sodium-R-Lipoic Acid). This makes blood and tissue level capable of achieving the highest levels possible.

Bio-enhanced, stabilized R-lipoic acid delivers all the health benefits of lipoic acid – antioxidant protection and efficient energy production. This means an increased sense of well-being and improved health-span. Longevity is our goal!

Na-R-LA is in Lonicera Longevity to preserve cellular energy and support mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are the energy factories of the human cells. With over 70 trillion cells in the human body, a continual supply of potent antioxidants is needed to achieve healthy plasma levels around the clock. The R-form of lipoic acid is the biologically active component that is bio-identical (native to the body). The human body wants the R-form.

A major property of this antioxidant is its ability to support healthy inflammatory responses. When the “heat” goes up due to inflammation, the R-lipoic speeds to the rescue again and again. And, it’s very quick to respond. Some of the key areas where this antioxidant shines forth are the liver, nerves, brain and eyes.

Recent human studies achieved 40 times higher peak blood levels with the sodium addition than pure R-lipoic acid. The benefit comes from the sodium salt buffering. Think of all the places such a potent antioxidant is desperately needed. How about protecting a diabetic from oxidative stress and preventing neuropathy in the eyes and feet? People with insulin resistance + high blood pressure + high triglycerides (a metabolic catastrophe) desperately need this antioxidant protection. Consumers of alcohol in any fashion need a protector for their liver. Na-R-LA is an important component for any health maintenance regime. Putting it into the daily protocol helps neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Even though the Na-R-LA is a superior, water-soluble antioxidant, it is also capable of supporting the fat-soluble domains in cells and tissues. The brain will utilize it with every dose. Na-R-LA amplifies the positive effects of glutathione (the master molecule) so the protective qualities are capable of 24/7 effects.

Lipoic acid when properly absorbed and utilized helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels by assisting the body to use glucose. It also supports insulin sensitivity, meaning the cells utilize insulin more efficiently. As for the eyes, lipoic acid helps block oxidative stress in the lens of the eyes responsible for cataracts. Another cause of vision loss is glaucoma: lipoic acid can improve the glaucoma measurements. It also helps prevent retinal cell death that occurs in macular degeneration.

The nerve protection qualities are outstanding. Promoting healthy nerve function is a bonus received when glutathione levels are maintained and improved. When the brain is most viable and workable, the probability of dementia is drastically offset.
Lipoic acid also plays a role in preserving bone density and averting bone loss that accompanies osteopenia and osteoporosis. It does so by overcoming the oxidative stress that threatens to degrade healthy bone tissue. The bone-forming cells (osteoblasts) get a boost and the bone-degrading cells (osteoclasts) get sequestered. Even reducing the inflammation cycle helps to prevent the bone degradation.

Na-R-LA is a great chelator against toxic metal contaminants such as cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. To chelate is to wrap a “claw” around the toxin and carry it out of the system. The nervous system is very vulnerable to heavy metal toxins; therefore, the neurological positives will be noticeable and appreciated. This antioxidant can also reduce the frequency and the intensity of migraine headaches.


Diabetes: Blood Sugar Management / Insulin Sensitivity / Diabetic Nephropathy (Kidney)
/ Diabetic Neuropathy (Nerves)

Eyes: Cataracts / Glaucoma / Macular Degeneration
Brain: Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury (Stroke) / Cognitive Function / Long-Term Memory in Aged / Better Mood

Liver: Alcohol Consumption + Heavy Metal Toxicity
Post-Radiation: Protection
Energy: Production
Skin: Anti-Wrinkle

Na-R-LA is the ideal antioxidant for a longevity product! More than just another antioxidant, it is the metabolic antioxidant and makes old hearts young again!

These are the opinions of Dr. Charles A. Rouse, Jr., member of Modexus PRC, Founder of The Medicine Man and Doctor Rouse Naturals, LLC. His views are based on his knowledge, experience, research, and training as to the safety, effectiveness, and accuracy of information concerning the mentioned nutritional items. These recommendations have not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this writing. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.